A Japaneses word that means cute, popularized by anime spreading to the west and endorsing weebish behavior
''Omg Ify-chan's outfit is so kawaii''
by Dont @ me June 28, 2016
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An object, animal or person of super cuteness. Everyone just adores it and cannot get over its cuteness. May make girls scream with delight at its adorableness. Absolutely adorable.
Lucy: OMG Izzy, your little kitten is soooooo ultra kawaii!
Katie: Awwwwww *shrieks* its sooooo kawaii!!!
Lucy: Oh look at you!! Little kitty!
Katie: Aw gosh its soo kawaii and super cute!
Isabel: Um, thanks...
Lucy and Katie: awwwwwww.
Isabel: He is quite kawaii, isn't he?...
Random dude walking past: GET OVER IT, ITS JUST A CAT!
by Isaac and Ollie October 01, 2009
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This is the most widely used Japanese word.
No it's not. If you believed that, please, go shoot yourself.
Anybody: *smack*
by Lazyanimangafreak October 14, 2010
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YES, kawaii can be used for all these things - But Guys, PLEASE don't say it for cool and nifty and for family members and all that!! Only little girls can say everything's cute!! You'll get wierd looks!
SirGuy: "Well, you're new Look's rather kawaii mister Male! *giggle*"
MrMale: "U...Uh..."
SirGuy: "I have to hang with my kawaii bro, so I'll be seein you later!"
MrMale: "AAAUGH!!"*weep*
by Tanma May 01, 2004
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This word, meaning cute, is only used by the Japanese or pathetic Americans who either want to be Japanese or don't want to be caught using the word cute.
SomeGuy143: OMG dude that pic is so kawaii!!!!!
KawaiiChick3495: Gay....
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A word used by Japanese people meaning "cute" or "adorable". Many anime fans will also use this word.
Hetalia fan 1: I saw a picture of Ivan Braginski and Yao Wang cuddled in a scarf on deviantART!

Hetalia Fan 2: KAWAII-ARU~!

Soul Eater Fan 1: Death The Kid saw something symmetrical and his eyes were all big and sparkly!

Soul Eater Fan 2: SO KAWAII!
by EnglishTeabags May 22, 2012
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