A taunt popular in the sport of lacrosse in which a defender loundly caws like a bird when a offensive player is either passing or shooting in order to mess the shot up.
"Oh crap, I missed! Thanks Alot Dylan!"

"That doesn't mess me up!"
"Yes it does."
by Dyllholio May 13, 2006
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When on is on a double date and during this date they have to take a shit. He uses this saying to inform the other person that he does indeed have to shit. Expecially when one is all dressed up.
Alex: man....i have eaten a lot at dinner tonight
Lindsay: Yea it was s0o0o0o good
Alex: Ka Kaw Ka Kaw
Lindsay: what does that mean?
Nicky: ha ha ka kaw ka kaw also man
Taryn: WTf guys wat does that mean
Alex and Nicky: you girls do NOT want to know
by Alex Small December 11, 2006
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