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17th century Irish Royalty who once ruled serveral lands in ireland. Yeah the kavanaugh clan is royalty how about that all you kavanaugh hating biaches bow down to royalty assholes.
kavanaugh pro nounced kav-a-naw or kavanaugh's
by Kavanaugh's December 07, 2008
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shes a hoe she sucks dick she usually has red hair / orange and she is a dickeaterr
kavanaugh is a hoe
by imsocuteeeeee January 30, 2018
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This name comes from Irish origin, meaning faganaugh. The surname goes along great with Matthew. Matthew tends to be a smart athletic guy, but will trick you with his many personalities. He may come off as homosexual, but you will soon realize he has a deep loving for one special girl. He tries to go by nicknames like Kav, or Kavdaddy, but loves the name Matteo. He is a short kid, but works out to compromise for the loss of height. He will likely drink 2 coors and a bud every night to get lit, but vaping and smoking are a no no. He has a strange personality but you will always like Kavanaugh because he is a funny guy. One thing you never do is trip him in front of his boys, or you’re donzo for days.
Friend: “Bro Kavanaugh, that was totally rad!”
by fraggylegs February 06, 2018
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