Is an almost perfect person, shes only not perfect because no one is. Not only is she almost perfect, she is beautiful, smart, hilarious, sexy, irresistible, cute, and graceful. She will always have a place in my heart.
damn, there's katie
by EazyE312 November 05, 2009
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the most beautiful girl alive, she's perfect in every aspect, and is also the coolest girl alive!.
"wow she looks like a katie"
'awe, dude she totally is, but watch it her bf's a monster-of-a-dude!'
"wow i guess, look at that guy! =O"
by gomez appople jorb May 28, 2008
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One couldn't find any closer to perfect, the most beautiful, talented, kind, loving, patient and helpful person you could ever meet, she'll always be there for you no matter how bad her own situation is. You're jealous of her even if you don't let it show, all of the boys ask her out, she could have anyone she wanted but she chooses no one as she doesn't want to hurt the other people more. She has best friends that are boys but they don't deserve her, they don't treat her how they should do, they are always apologizing but every time she forgives them. She gives people unlimited chances, she doesn't judge people and she always does her best.
she's so perfect, she must be a Katie
by dicicidhdidb November 19, 2013
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One strong person. kind and compassionate and never seems to let you give up on yourself. someone everyone should be able to meet at least once, gives great advice. Someone who always encourages you to go for your dreams.
Maybe you should try being more like Katie.

Katie makes everyone all smiley.
by soccachick238 March 22, 2009
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a katie is normally very smart very attractive very cool girl. amazing kisser and all of the guys want her. A katie always gets the boys that she wants and can get any guy. Many other girls envy a katie because of her abilities with the guys and her looks. a katie is normally boy crazy. But if you are ever lucky enough to find yourself a katie, be careful they are amazing and rare and they can get their heart broken easily. a katie is normally gentle and caring but also hot sexy and a party animal
A katie
1. hot
2. great kisser
3. very smart
4. all of the guys want to squeeze her ass and they want to fuck her
5. Great in bed.
6. loves to party hard
7. honest and great friend
a katie is also very outgoing and very loyal. if u have nothing to do on a saturday, call katie and go to starbucks or a movie. a katie loves to go out and spend money with a boy. a katie likes double dates and she normally always love daisy flowers. a katie has an amazing ass and all of the boys want to squeeze it when they walk by her hot body. u dont have a katie in your life? you should go out and get one
"did u see that hottie back there?"
"yeah, shes deffiently a katie"
"i wish i had a katie like that"

by kxoxbitchyxodh January 30, 2009
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