The cutest couple in the world. no one will ever love each other as much as these to legendary peoople do. They are both probably the best looking people that god could possibly make. They also have a never-ending love for each other.
i wish i was like trevor and kathleen
by tigerfucker November 11, 2008
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Opposite of a karen. She's a brunette that doesn't do a damn thing. When something goes wrong, she pretends everything is fine. She forgets about the kids frequently losing them in public or dumping them on others. Moreover, she won't do anything to punish them whenever they misbehave. You definitely wouldn't want her as your boss, babysitter, or anywhere within reach of a position of power.
Kathleen forgot to pick up her kids from school again! Sounds like they were misbehaving. Maybe she just left them there to avoid disciplining them?
by salty_dalty June 16, 2019
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A dark-eyed and dark-haired girl that will steal your heart in a second. She's a bit of a player, but she will have your back no matter who you are. She's a rebel, hates society, and shaved part of her hair. Some of her hair is dyed teal. She's an artist, and has so many sketchbooks you could take years looking through them. She's sexy, and a flirt, but she's actually depressed and lonely. She's friends with everyone, but lies a lot because of trust issues. She's usually called KC, but she also likes the names Kat and Kitten by her friends. She's pale and sickly, and cusses a lot. She's always wearing black, and loves cool colors and cats. Her name means 'pure song of happiness and luck' . And she believes everyone's equal. Others, even the ones who know she lies, trust her. She has lost some important people in her life, not family, but extremely close friends. If you find her, give her a life she will think is worth living.
Teen A: "Hey, is that HER?
Teen B: "Yep, thats Kathleen Carol Murphy, the Alexander Hamilton of middle school."
by RebelEmo2133 February 18, 2017
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briana is a very smart, beautiful young girl who is always happy and confident but can feel ugly. Never lets people get in her way, she falls in love easy but she usually doesnt cry over a boy, she can get very overwhelmed and stress and has anxiety, she loves all of her friends . She hates to disappoint and hurt people. Briana never fails to brighten someones day and her smile is fantastic. She does wear makeup. She knows what she wants and chases it no matter what obsticals stand in her way. If you know a briana date her because i promise you shes loyal and loves you. And if shes likes you then believe her. Briana is confident in herself no matter what and SHE IS NOT A HOE!!!!!
person 1; omg that girl is so pretty and confident why does she wear makeup?
person 2; thats briana kathleen ragan
by itsme.112 August 25, 2017
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Kathleen is a very uncommon name. She is short, loud, and is always attempting to steal the spotlight. She is always trying her best to keep up with the trends, and spends loads of money on them. Kathleen relys on people for things, but no one really cares considering she gives them a snack in return. Overall Kathleen seems like a bitch but it depends on how close you are with her.
That bitch stole my man, must be a Kathy/Kathleen.
by heyitsme666 January 14, 2018
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A line shouted at actress KATHLEEN TURNER as she was on stage acting in a 2002 Broadway production of THE GRADUATE. The line was shouted during a full frontal nude scene featuring the overweight 40-something actress. The heckler was PAUL MICHAEL MERCURIO, acting as part of a prank for "The Opie and Anthony" radio show. Audio of the entire stunt (Mercurio and two other audience members had running tape recorders in their shirt pockets at the time) can be heard on YouTube by simply typing in the infamous line.
(April 12, 2002)
(KATHLEEN TURNER is on stage as 'Mrs. Robinson' in the Broadway production of "The Graduate". She drops a towel, showing her (horrific) naked body to the audience. Just then...)

(AUDIENCE MEMBER, later revealed to be comedian Paul Michael Mercurio, stands up in his seat and SCREAMS): "Kathleen, put your goddamn clothes back on!"

(A WOMAN in the audience can be heard GASPING)

Go into Google and start typing in "Kathleen put your goddamn clothes back on." Google "suggests" the entire sentence as you reach the word "your". Seems significant enough to warrant an entry on UD.
by corcan November 9, 2010
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nickname for Kathleen Kennedy Townsend from her family
Clean Kathleen was an attorney and developer.
by Coop Dupe November 24, 2020
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