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An Irish name that is a form of Katherine. It means "pure".
It is often used in a Gaelic heritage.

Many believe it can be spelled Cathleen, but this is incorrect.
The name Kathleen can NOT be spelled with a C, therefore
the spelling Cathleen is incorrect.

The name Kathleen is a old name that has been used in many generations, but the beauty of the name will last forever.
I named my daughter Kathleen, as it goes back in our Irish family
by kathleenherselflovesyou January 21, 2012
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1. Shes a very special person.
2. She always got your back.
3. very VERY sexy
4. shes loving and caring
5. Coolest mofo alive
6. you'll definitely love her.
7. admired by many
8. awesome. Why? well just because.

If you meet a kathleen, make her your girlfriend before its to late..
it was for me.
"Wow shes so pretty. :x"
"ikr.. her names kathleen."

"Woahhh whos she?"
"Oh thats kathleen."

"what man?"
"i see kathleen"
"well go to her"
by yourfrandjoshua November 14, 2011
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The most beautiful girl in the world. She is perfect in everyway, and is liked by all. She is loving and caring and will always be there for you. She is gorgeous and sexy. If you happen to come across one, dont ever let her go. I know i wont
by yourboyfriendLuke February 01, 2009
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One of the sweetest people that you will ever have the chance to meet. When you meet a Kathleen, you know you have met someone special. She is normally very beautiful in a unique way, but she doesn't know or believe it. She is a very passionate person, when she cares about something, she goes at it full force and does not back down.
Dude your lucky, you met a Kathleen.
by Karen8765 February 04, 2010
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most serene. goddess of beauty. smart, talented and funny. seems not to care but deep inside she cares more than anybody else.
you are a true Kathleen
by eduard the dragon slayer December 22, 2009
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The definition of Kathleen is A woman who is sweet, kind, wonderful, nurturing, loving, gorgeous, sexy, beautiful, and ethereal.

Second Definition: A sexy and classy punk rock cougar.

Third Definition: Kathleen is also German for Great Man-Seducer.

Fourth Definition: One who has good taste in music and cinema. Fond of her beautiful dog.

Fifth Definition: The Coolest and Best Woman in the World.
I am madly in love with Kathleen, who is so sweet, kind, nurturing, loving gorgeous, sexy, beautiful and ethereal. Kathleen is my sexy and classy punk rock cougar. She likes good music and good cinema, and She's really fond of her dog. Kathleen is the coolest and best woman in the world. She's also a German Man-Seducer.
by Cinemazach August 07, 2012
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Female Irish given name, with debatable origins; may come from Killarney. Means; muse of extreme beauty, typically of fair complection and blonde or red hair. Always with beautiful pale blue eyes that change color in different lights, a loyal friend and of great intelligence. Resides in a park of flowers near New York. Beautiful smile and laughter like a song. Usually accompanied by her trusty hound Charles. Brings inspiration to her loved ones. Once she claims her lover the bond between them becomes unbreakable. She also is a weaver of words and can be tricky to unsuspecting travelers.
Kathleen is the most beautiful creature in the universe, fairer than the stars far away and magical as the sea below.
by illogically_correct June 16, 2014
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