Katherine is the name that you want to be born with, or IMMEDIATELY CHANGE YOUR NAME!
Katherine is nice, very pretty, and always happy. She wont think that she's great, but you will!
if you find a Katherine, hold tight!
Person #1: Omigod! Katherine just got asked out AGAIN!
Person #2: Not a big surprise. Boys in the whole SCHOOL has the hots for her!
by A_Happy_Dementor October 29, 2020
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Katherine is an ugly girl that you have seen.
Hey Katherine you ugly
by Not very cute October 26, 2019
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Katherine is a goth editer who loves the finer things in life. Very insecure. Also a bitch and a slut. yayyy fuck everyone I hate you rose
β€œAre you katherine?”
by What’s wrong with bitches January 17, 2020
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