Kasey is a boy's name. In fact, it's the name of the most amazing human being the world has ever seen. He's always been so smart, and if it's something he cares about or wants to learn he will blow anyone else out of the water with his smarts! Kaseys a natural born athlete and a hes a beast in all sports, but this is no suprise, he's been training since he was 4 years old. There's no possible way to fit how awesome this guy is in one short paragraph..he's handsome, popular and loved by everyone because he's got a great personality and easy to get along with. He's emotional, yet tough as nails and not not scared to fight for his loved ones or whats right. Hes very heard headed and stubborn, also a very determined person for what he believes or stands for and he's also both loyal and trustworthy.. .and last but certainly not least, he best thing about this guy is that he has a heart of absolute gold. He always has, and this attribute alone is going to take him incredible places. This kid is destined for greatness, and nothing is gonna stop him. I've known it since the first time I ever saw him. Nothing and nobody has ever been so perfect. The good Lord sent his absolute best with this one. I don't know how I got so lucky but beings i did, I'ma do everything I can to help him move them mountains and do great things! He's the reason I breathe and makes my life worth living. I love you more than most β™₯ don't ever change who you are, stay gold, you're solid gold Kase. Love you.
Kasey a boy. the real best ever. This is the definition.
by Whatafuckinpizzlesucker April 29, 2021
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She is a little selfish but a nice friend. She loves fashion, she is super embarrassed when her mom or grandma kisses her in front of people and her favorite color is gold. She LOVES puppies and babies and small things. Kasey is obsessed with slime, slime and more slime! She hates Jojo Siwa and if you have a friend like her, you are very lucky. You will be in a lot of arguments but, still very lucky.
β€œDid you see that girl? She’s such a Kasey!”
by KhloesAlibi October 17, 2019
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A guy who is but not known but for sure there. He hollers and collars but is a bummer
β€œFuck where’s kasey?”

by Steveygerg March 23, 2020
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