Meaning: That Bitch

Originating from a Tik Tok sound, initially used to intimidate the Tik Tok Hoes and permanently stake her claim as holding a permanent position in S.C.'s life.
Kasey is 'that bitch'. Been 'that bitch', still 'that bitch'. She will forever BE 'that bitch'!
by KayoticKas October 06, 2020
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Kasey is HOT. But, he also has feelings thing get him down kinda easy. Kasey is falling for the WRONG girl, instead of judging by looks he needs a brown haired blue eyed animal lover that sees him everyday (but not too long) Kasey loves rap and or country music. Kasey is probably the ‘guy best friend’ of many girls maybe even including his brown hair blue eyed animal lover that he just doesn’t realize is destined for him. Kasey probably plays basketball and MAYBE even soccer. Kasey is probably most smart when it comes to math. But he’s not very smart when it comes to girls because that animal lover is just waiting for him and if he doesn’t get her now she’ll probably get away. Kasey is amazing
kasey needs to get his girl.
kasey is a person you’re gonna what to hold on to.
by Brown door lock December 17, 2017
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Kasey is kind, loving,sweet and amazing. She can believe in others but not herself she has low self esteem and wants attention. She loves everyone but cross her and she will b deadly Xx.
Guy: did you see Kasey she’s so beautiful.

Guy2:yh you are lucky to have her

Guy: I know right
by Fountain July 25, 2018
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A Hispanic female that’s a virgin and who loves bbc in her mouth , she spends most of her time making money , reading and smoking cigarettes , the type to fuck someone’s white friend or Hispanic friend or probably both since she’s a highkey slut . The girls envy her cause they can’t have none of the bbc that she’s getting , she’s loves to party , and do a lot of girly things , her vagina is a tool so the guys come back for more , 50% chance she has pink , red , blonde or brown hair doesn’t really matter she’s still a slut
My friend and I named kasey went to the mall and went shopping to buy some clothes
by Vaselyn asocta September 12, 2018
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Usually used as a girl's name, but if used for a male (use term lightly) the most akward penis hugger in all the land. the most street race wins ever accomplished in a mercury mountaineer. is an accomplished skin flutist, and also has experience with the rusty trombone. all of his farts form cum bubbles. aynd he sppels lyke thyis.
Did that fucker just flip us off? ya, it must be kasey. ya.... must be
by underarmordude January 28, 2011
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curly hair, big teeth, big lips, skinny, nice, loveable, game master, asian fan, j rock lover, loves irokui, has a sister, loves her sister
example, kasey loves to dress up, but also stay ugly and wont care what others think. She loves video games, mostly illusions of gaia. she will spend horus with her sister playing. kasey
by mr.carbon October 15, 2008
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