kar means a moving vhecal thart can b drivin bye a human bing
lets go 4 a driv in da kar
by SHITTY ASS HOURSE October 23, 2022
A hot smoking rash skinhead girl that you cant help falling in love with. She has a super cool chelsea cut and an amazing body with a nice ass. She has the cutest freckles and insanely sexy lips that you would die to kiss. A Kar is the best kind of girl that any skinhead could date.
Person: I'm telling you that's the hottest skingirl i've ever seen
Person 2: she's probably a kar
by Kar1312 November 22, 2021
Kars is a very nice and funny guy. If anyone hears the name Kars they think: why am i not a Kars? Then Kars comes and says: its not your fault that your not a Kars i know iam so pretty and cool but you can’t do anything about it. and then you think Kars is so nice.
Kars is so cool why am i not a Kars.
Look he is named Kars, he is so cool
by Koekiedough August 18, 2018
best BFF ever❤
i love kar
kar is the best BFF ever!
by i lvoe diluc December 15, 2021
A word a bunch of idiots use as a "misspelling" of the word cat.
by Kryer August 11, 2022
A beautiful girl with amazing eyes you will get lost in. It is said that if you meet one you will be trapped by their beauty forever. They are nice and wonderful to be around.but of corse they all love lemon🍋
Person: “I meet a Kar the other day
Person 2:”I heard they love lemon
by Qmetoo5000 March 28, 2018
Kar is the most perfect human being and she deserves all the love in this world, periodt.
"Woah I wish I was Kar, she's so stunning and caring"
by svftlace December 28, 2021