The nicest mom you could ever get, thanks mom, and a little bit of dad.
Karina Davis is the best mom ever!
Thanks Karina for all the fun stuff you have done with me!
Dad is OK, but I like you more Karina.
by Karina Davis' Son May 26, 2018
An amazing friend. She is hecka funny and is always there for you when you are lonely. She is a bit shy, but she has really great tastes! She has an amazing imagination and has amazing drawings. Karina Bernardo is NOT a fake friend.
Your art is so pretty karina b. !
by Yikes it's koala July 2, 2019
She's One of the baddest bitches alive she goes to ms.137 always breaking the dresscode and wanting to fight someone. Karina Seelall is really hot and bad asf but sometimes she can be rlly bitchy. Everyone likes her she would beat a bitch up for a friend so whatever you fo always have a karina.
A•“Bro karina seelall is so baddd”
J•“ikr no wonder why shes taken shes so hot omfg
by MyIdentityIsASecret November 21, 2019
A young beautiful lady who has a big temper and a loud voice not the best couple person but she is nice. Just don't get on her bad side.
Wow karina tecchi has a bad temper
by b.inky December 21, 2015
Mexican female raised in the USA, skinny hard headed bombshell, in fact her head is as hard as a olmec head, hard to move, not even time will change it , she rarely looses her cool and when confronted she denies everything and pretends that everything is fine. She won't speak Spanish even when she says she loves her hispanic heritage. She almost lost her Virginity once with her mexican ex boyfriend but now, she is saving the rest for an all american soldier boyfriend because she dreams of having 10 half white babies and also hopes to change her immigration status.
Melania Karina's dad won't teach her how to drive because her boyfriend can take her anywhere she wants.
by TabascoSauce February 18, 2019