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Literally meaning "Elephant-Trunk Game" in Sanskrit, this connotes stimulation of the yoni (Skt: vagina) using the hand held in the 'Kari-Kara-Mudra' or "Elephant-Trunk Gesture". This comprises the first 3 fingers (index, middle & ring finger) kept firmly together & slightly bent to resemble an elephant's trunk (Skt: 'kari-kara'). This simulated pipe is then inserted into the vagina, moved in & out, and rotated in a circular motion, so as to excite the woman. The palm can be held downwards (to let the curled "trunk" stimulate the further walls of the vagina) or held upwards (to have the upward curling digits stimulate the nearer walls), or sideways (to rub against the side-walls of the female). The tip & trunk are also used to tickle the vulva & the clitoris.

When practising this art, the performer tries to copy the languid motions of an elephant's trunk, & it is recommended to study the actual movements of a pachyderm to improve performance of this refined art. Often, thick rings with rounded gems are worn by the male to provide additional friction to the woman.

The act is described in Sanskrit love manuals & is also known as karihasta. In this regard, a Sanskrit scholar notes: "Karikarakrida. Manipulation of the vulva by keeping the first three fingers like proboscis of an elephant (Yashodhara)." ('The Hindu secrets of love: Rati rahasya of Pandit Kokkoka'. tr. S C Upadhyaya. Bombay: D B Taraporevala & Sons, 1965, p.135)
1) Pandit Arvind Shastri: By Brahma, my beautiful Bibi loves it when I perform Kari-Kara-Krida on her!
Pandit Mohan Deshpande: You should teach me that trick!

2) Urvashi moaned in pleasure, biting her pearl necklace as Indra performed the Kari-Kara-Krida on her puffy Aryani Yoni using his expert unglees (fingers).

3) "In traditional erotica, many methods of stimulating the yoni (the clitoris and the vagina) are described. Ray (1964, p.58) {'Kalyana Malla's Ananga Ranga'. Tridibnath Ray. New York: The Citadel Press, 1964.} mentions the names of some of these and says that these were recommended by ancient authors so that women can achieve orgasm at the same time as the man. He calls them Angulipravesa (finger-entry) and gives a list of descriptive names: karikara-krida (elephant trunk game), phanibhoga (serpent's hood), kamankusa (Cupid's goad), pravesana (entry), kanaka (golden), pataka (banner), trisula (trident), kamayudha (Cupid's weapon), kamausadha (love's medicine) and Manmatha-pataka (Cupid's flag). Three fingers - ring, middle and index - together form the elephant trunk gesture (karikara mudra). Tickling the yoni with fingers held in this gesture is the elephant trunk game." ('A South Indian treatise on the kamasastra: the Rati-ratna-pradipika of Praudha-Devaraja Maharaja'. Swami Sivapriyananda. New Delhi: Abhinav Publns, 2000, p.24)
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