TERFS on transsexual people asking to be called by prefered pronoun: Erasing the concept of sex removes the ability of many to meaningfully discuss their lives.
Me: This is a good example of a Karen problem
by xCiicii June 30, 2020
The principle that any word (new or existing), phrase or name can be used as an inflammatory or derogatory statement.
Karen effect- You’re such a Karen!
by Grungebobsquaredance June 4, 2022
Karen Blixt is so loca and crazy but probably the funniest person you will ever meet. She has a great personality and she is so hot. And she’s a baddie… of course.
-Omg I wish I was like Karen Blixt

-yuh she’s such a badass.

-never mess with Karen!
-a gorgeous baddie!
by Karen Blixt December 11, 2021
The cousin of the fabulous Matilda Blixt. So shes like a celerberty cousin in sweden. Shes a little bit quirky and a middle aged woman.
- Omg is that Karen blixt!?
- omg yeah i heard that shes been in the same room as Matilda Blixt that is so cool!!
by lunisen December 3, 2021
The hypersonic karen was unbelievably loud and quick to assume
by elorix May 31, 2022
When you tell a Karen to wear her mask in your store but she is refusing saying "i have rights" and "i have a medical condition." The she gets mad and gets all of her Karen Friends an they Storm your Store 'Area 51 Style' Screaming because they don't want to wear masks.
I had to call the police because there was a Karen Tornado at my store.
by chaseisab*tch February 19, 2021