A sub species of the typical Karen.

She nannies adults by ear splitting screams of “ use your words, use your words”!!! She extolls the virtues of soy and is a rabid vegan and reads you the riot act if you aren’t.
A Soy Karen sends gloppy soy “yogurt” for her child to eat at a birthday party.
by Sparkle Eyed July 17, 2020
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A groups of, usually American, God fearing women, who sport short, blonde, asymmetrical haircuts, travelling as the aforementioned Squabble, seeking to express their personal opinion and demands upon the world.

Example: a squabble of Karens, attending a coffee shop, without masks, demanding the\at they have ‘RIGHTS’.

Often this Squabble also carry phones using them to document their regular Squabbles, for posterity.

These Squabbles are a newly evolved activity, as the Karens have a perceived ‘safety in numbers’, attitude. Sadly, the squabble forgets that as there is always a ‘Head Karen’, who leads the Squabble, this Karen is usually the main antagonist.

Best course of action if encountered, is to poke absolute fun at the inept, brainless Squabble, recording all interactions, for self preservation, as the Head Karen is akin to requiring the Squabble to immediately fall in line and claim some perceived offence against any person who confronts them. This is often the ‘illegality’ of recording in public, the claim that they are ‘Americans’ and have rights.

The rare treat. A Squabble of Karens wearing their oversized, blowfly style glasses. This is another recently evolved behaviour. Scientists believe this is an attempt to make the eyes look bigger, whilst hiding the fact their eyes are usually tightly squeezed, as a response to the ear-splitting screech.
Look out, there is a Squabble of Karens coming!
by Lord Fluffypants April 05, 2021
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Equivalent of a turbo bitch, only in mom-form.
This Turbo Karen pitched a holy fit when Starbucks made her cappuccino just a little too wet.
by Anjieleena February 09, 2021
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Doctor Karen is an lovingly panned nickname from the Whovians (Doctor Who Fans) of the current and first female incarnation of The Doctor portrayed by Jodie Whittaker who recently quit the role.
1. The 16th series of Doctor Who was bad. Yeah Doctor Karen ruined it and tanked the ratings.

2. Who was the worst Doctor in your opinion? Doctor Karen from the woken 16th series

3. Who did the most moping and most half arsed portrayal of the Doctor? Doctor Karen
by SuckinDieselBae January 06, 2021
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A middle aged man that complains about everything and is self entitled unrealistically. Likes to ease drop on other peoples conversations. A “taddletale”, especially in the work environment. Will stick his nose in other peoples business and make it his own because he has nothing better to do. May or may not own multiple cats. May or may not have the “Karen” do.
Male Karen: *Emails management* John was being rude to patients again.

Male Karen: *Calls apartment office* The bushes are over growing again and need to be trimmed, the trash man hasn’t been here to empty the dumpsters, I need someone to spray for spiders outside my apartment and I want to be reimbursed for buying bug spray.
by PettyLaVelle November 26, 2021
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Defined: A large overweight white male who is called Steve or Brett. This person often has an opinion on everything but an opinion that is low on fact and high on emotion. One who also generally relies on force of personality to get a point across but is alone in support. Readily identified with a large belly and florid complextion
Example; Stop shouting at me you are being such a Man-Karen
by Jeni Craig July 17, 2021
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