An amazing girl. She has a wonderful group of friends. She loves boyz but doesnt need a boyfriend to validate her and is happy single or in a relationship. She loves to do crazy things with her best friends. She wants everyone to be happy except when she's in a bad mood. Then you better be on her side or get out of her way. She is a morning person when she has to be but at the same time loves to sleep in. She is team Jacob all the way. She has her flaws and owns up to it but she will never stop striving to be better. She loves with all she has. Don't Piss Her Off. She's also a natural flirt and tease. Don't judge it's just the way she is.
Karen is walking down the street and sees her friend Cristian.

"Hey Cristian what's up."
"Let's go prank Jacob!!"
"Awesome!! Let's go."
by KCWillows July 07, 2012
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The sexiest woman alive. She has that hair flip that makes her always look amazing. Guys in every grade fall for her. Karens are really big flirts. But it doesn't matter because guys like her anyways. She never has a boyfriend even though everyone is head over heals for her. Even if she has a boyfriend everyone always is grinding on her at the parties. She literally steals the show. She makes girls jealous and guys horny.
Guy 1: Oh my God who s that?
Guy 2: Oh thats Karen, but she has a boyfreind.
Guy 1: Who cares? She'll flirt with me anyways.
by moxysexygirl998877 November 20, 2011
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A name of stupid mother who doesn't vaccinate her kids want's to speak the manager takes the kids and enjoy's facebook minion memes.
Karen: I want to speak to the manager
Employee: i am the manager
Karen: ban all vaccinated kid from this place they will shed and give my child the autism
Employee: you and your unvaccinated kid's are permantly banned from this place
Karen: fuck you cuck sucking nigga
Employee: i'm black and that's an extremely offensive slur i will call back upi if you resist get out now
Karen: fine i didn't want vaccinated kids shedding on my kids anyway and i will sue
via giphy
by Tobyvenom April 16, 2020
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Annoying "yummy mummys" who wear acrylic nails and make-up with "active wear".
The playground mafia Don.

Feeds her children plain rice cake snacks and ice water in a family flask & judges you for giving your children a Mars Bar, a Ribena and a packet of Wotsits.

Karen is a towering pillar of 30+, while privilege.

Karen prides herself on having children who dont throw public tantrums like yours but because she is on the board of governors, is discreetly called into school regularly because her child is a spiteful little fucker who bites & calls the poor kid a smelly gyppo.

Sometimes, Karen went to university & thinks that people without degrees are peasants. No one in her friend group actually likes her because she makes bitchy remarks or uses crying laughing emojis to invalidate their opinion or belittle their perspective. She assumes that people value her degree over the wealth of experience that others have too offer.

She doesn't engage in debate & is currently on the phone to head office to complain about your attitude, demanding you be sacked.

If she isn't already with your manager, she is telling your friends "thats just ridiculous", laughing at you in the hope of convincing them that you are a stupid and unworthy person.

All of Karen's profile pictures are of glasses of wine in various locations around the house or sometimes in her hand. This convinces you of how classy and positively continental she is.
You: I read the other day that ANYTHING
Fortunately, this is her field.
Karen: It really isn't (Crying laughing emoji, crying laughing emoji, rolling on the floor laughing emoji)

Me: I was on a course and my tutor told me ANYTHING
Fortunately, she already has a degree in primary education and she is about to make sure you know that.
Karen: Well, thats just not true (laughing emoji, rolling on the floor laughing emoji, crying laughing emoji)
Me: but i've been reading about it and...
Karen: I've got a degree in primary education with QTS and I can tell you.... (Laughing emoji.... Spay my tea out laughing GIF).

Karen to your friendship friendship group:

"Oh my god! can you beleive she tried to tell ME... I dont think she even got her GCSE's. (Laugh, scoff, Laugh). She's a teaching assistant! She's a glorified babysitter.

Your child throws a whopping hissy fit in the middle of sainsbury's.
Karen: Oh, I wouldt let her get away with that. if mine...

Karen to your friend circle:
"Have you seen the state of what she calls parenting? (Scoff, LOL, PMSL, ROTFL) ... I would never allow Saffron to..."
PTA: Fuck offf Karen, you've been called in for a quiet word every day this week because saffron pinches people and steals lego when she thinks the teacher isnt looking (or) told all of year 4 that the new girl wee's herself and her mum lets her do it; her mum said. Karens little angel is a chip off the old block.
by you did what? March 22, 2020
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On her 39th birthday she left me almost her entire collection of outsize 32inch trousers and black trousers for me. (Of course. Dont fit. Too fat, of course. That’s one of reasons why. Always was. Always will be a complete and utter social outcast. —Thats one of the reasons why.)

Deposited for me neatly, cleaned, pressed, inside a slogan, sloganizing work bag, to collect outside near. Not only collect. She has great depositing skills.

She never did like dresses, skirts except perhaps only Momsy skirts and in Sept 1987 + Sept-Oct 1990. (No wonder. No surprise never had a proper boyfriend boy-friend in school.)

Of course being a Karen. — She always takes the kids. Beware getting involved, or married. She also always takes the kids. (And also first abortion 06/91.)

Karen’s often have a Bob or Bob haircuts. — And those with bobcats should not be spoken to in any type of bad facial toner.

Being a Karen she always takes the kids. And takes on the kids. Not only as a babysitter even when herself as a minor babysitter.
Karen always take the kids ... and everything.

Karen has a great collection/collezione
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Karen is a gawjuss amazing sexy hot lovely and i love her soo much :D im so lucky :)
i thought for hours of a example of Karen but shes to amazing to be compared againest <3
by Karens Man September 11, 2011
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