a new band that is yet to form involving celebrities who became famous because their parents are rich and are somewhat attractive. they will perform on a television station and eventually get their own show called, "Kardashian." One will get married and disappear from television, another will change from a pop rock singer into a rapper, the other will briefly date miley cyrus and similar celebrities. like all other superfluous musicians today, they will either disappear from the public spectrum or be caught sending nude pictures to a friend before miraculously recovering and becoming a very shitty actress
Jen: hey do you like the kardashian sisters!!! omg i love ks!!! kim is so hotttttt!!!! we should TOTALLLI SI UH CONSERTTTA!!

Bob: actually men like musicians based on ability, not money and looks. kinda like how we choose women to date.
by black one July 5, 2011
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