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The act of living one's entire life using the same philosophy of singing a song with a karaoke machine. Whereas a karaoke singer does not actually create the music or content of the art that they are borrowing, they can for a brief period pretend that they are the artist that they admire and take credit for the song. This allows them to take a bow without actually accomplishing anything other then mimicry. Someone following the Karaoke Lifestyle will then have very low standards yet a high sense of self-importance. They act much like the other farm animals in the fable "The Little Red Hen", but still manage to eat a piece of the bread without actually having done any work for it but simply due to a delusional sense of themselves being geniuses. Musicians are the most frequent members of this group but it can include most any sort of person.
That girl is so obnoxious, she acts like she's the most important person on the team but always has someone else do her work for her. Just another Karaoke Lifestyle idiot squeaking by on other people's work.
by Ford Leiden December 26, 2009
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