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Absolutly the most amazing friend you could ever have. Athletic with a get-the-guys bootttaay. Super fun to be around. Very trustworthy and never tells a secret. Guys think about her all the time & wonder what it would be like to get some Kara Kile, but they never have the chance because with looks that she has, she is very seletive=).

She is always up for a party and a good time and although shes in love with her "Fantasic Five", still make time for family and old friends.

Everyone loves her, but a lot of people are fake towards her because there jealous.

Kara Kiles are usually the popular type, cheerleader captian and may sometimes loose sight on the important things in life but always ends up finding them (:
She is loved dearly by her best friends.
I wish that I was as cool as Kara Kile!
by Just.A.Friend... December 29, 2009
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