Awesome channel. I'm impressed at how good his video editing skills at his age. He makes very good reviews, ranted about the one and only DKOldies. He doesnt deserve the hate TBH.
Man 1: Have you ever heard of Kaptain Kharisma?
Man 2: Of Course!
by wiiuisawesome October 25, 2022
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Great channel, but some people hate him but thats their opinion.
Kaptain Kharisma is great imo.
by ThatMiiModder9000 May 25, 2023
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This is an INSANELY good channel. Great reviews, great mic, and the haters are wrong imo.
Man 1: Kaptain Kharisma is cool!

Man 2: Maybe it is

Man 1: kys
by SuperUltra64. May 26, 2023
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