A group of extremely classy and established women. We are dedicated to our philanthropies, active at our schools, and great at throwing socials and crushes where we remain classy and well behaved. While some may be a little promiscuous or proud, most are down to earth good girls always willing to give a helping hand. Any one who talks badly about us is probably either jealous or someone who didnt get a bid from us and now is a sorority hating GDI.
A girl should be three things, classy, fabulous, and KAPPA!

by AshleyJ April 4, 2008
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A classy sorority found at most prestigious colleges. These girls are upheld to a high standard and are known as "quality" girls. Also known as Visa Visa Daddy Mastercard.
Those Kappa Kappa Gamma girls sure are a classy bunch.
by carolynerota January 12, 2006
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A sorority founded in 1870 at a college in Illinois. Kappa Kappa Gamma tends to hold the reputation of classy, all-around girls.. since their members range from scholars, jocks, debutantes, and preps.. They are all sophisticated though and love to have fun, at the appropriate times. oh yeah and they're rich and attractive.
Hey, that Kappa Kappa Gamma is an all-around awesome girl.
by L to the T October 23, 2006
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A women's Fraternity (because sorority was not coined yet) that was Founded at Monmouth College in Illinois on October 13, 1870, by 6 young women (the youngest was 14!) The badge is the Golden Key, the jewel is the sapphire (symbol of truth and sincierity), the flower is the fleur de lis (iris, for dignity and grace) the mascot is an owl (for wisdom, colors are light and dark blue, national philanthropy is reading is fundamental or RIF. Each Chapter establishes a name for itself upon the school's campus, i.e the Ladie of KKG at creighton are known for being diverse and philanthropic.

KKG is mainly known as "spoiled", "rich", and "Pretty or Popular", Mostly known as Classy, Trustworthy, and Dependable
"Those ladies of KKG are classy!"
"You can really trust those Kappas!"

Rah! Rah! For Kappa Kappa Gamma!
Three cheers for the girls who wear the blue and blue!

Now you can quote me when I say
I am a kaapa girl from Creighton U!
I'm true to the wise old owl who wears the golden key.
Blue ribbon gardens grow the Fleur De Lis.
Oh the owl, the key the fleur de lis,
The blue the blue well thats for me!

Rah! Rah! For KKG!
by KappaRugger22 January 4, 2010
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An organization of the classiest women that know how to throw down when necessary. They are the best! enough said.
joe: hows your roommate this year?
Sally: Shes a Kappa Kappa Gamma, how do you think?
joe: sweet. Can you hit me up with her digits?
by sasquashing hoe November 29, 2006
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Contrary to the popular belief of Kappa's being gold diggers they are a group of elegant, classy, kind-hearted, fun girls who know how to party but keep it classy & NOT SLUTTY!!

Today we salute you miss Kappa sister. Not only do you have the looks, brains, and glamour, but most importantly the class to back it up. Sure, frat boys may talk to other ladies, but don't worry, their only dream is to date-a-Kappa. With that key flying high and that Kappa sparkle in your eye, you are every guy's dream and every girl's envy. You can party like a professional, yet still keep that frat-tastic class. If you're dating a Kappa, raise your hand. If you're not, raise your standards. Then crack open an ice cold crystal light you sexy Kappas, and remember: There's only one thing to be... and that's a Kappa!!!!...
ex. Those girls are in Kappa Kappa Gamma are always in large groups @ parties & always some of the nicest & least pretentious~

by K.E.R November 24, 2006
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Often a explanation to others, when asked if you are part of a fraternity and actually you think fraternities are idiotic or silly.
"Oh hey are guys in a frat or something?",

"Yeah were in Kappa Kappa Dumbass!"
by Stiff for Brains November 14, 2011
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