Jim Rodriguez Hill's dream clothes.
A type of clothing that Jim has dreamed of owning.
"I wished i had kappa"
"buy me a kappa suit, tom, and i will make u very happy"
by Jim Huynh February 09, 2005
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A face that certain people will use to cover up their sexual and creepy jokes.
by kahpar May 14, 2015
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Cool or Awesome. when something is so cool there is no other word.
Its pronounced Cap-Ass, used in the same context as kick ass
"Look at these new shoes"
"Yeah those are so Kappas"
by Thatloudoneinclass August 23, 2011
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What kids wear when they think their the shit
Yo is Devyn wearing kappa again?
by V¡c March 11, 2019
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the Kappa is a water demon that inhabits rivers and lakes and devours disobedient little children. The Kappa, a word meaning ‘river child’, is usually depicted with the body of a tortoise, a beak, and the limbs of a frog, and has a hollow filled with water on top of his head. While they are primarily water creatures, they are believed to occasionally venture onto land. According to legend, the cavity must be kept wet when the Kappa ventures out of the water, or he will lose his powers. The Kappa is one of the most well-known folk legends in Japan and many believe the mythical creature to be true.
Person A: I saw the Kappa!
Person B: The Kappa? That's just a mythological being you nerd..
Person A: Do-Don't believe me? It's over there..
Person B: Looks kinda like a frog with the body of a tortoise??
by billie eyelash August 16, 2018
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kappa has SMALL dick energy. he is someone you avoid at ALL cost. he is the type of person to roofie your drink and forget that he drugged you.
have you've seen alex?

yeah he's totally not a kappa
by dikrid3r November 20, 2019
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when someone takes the fucken biggest grab stacked on top of six blokes solders all the lads scream out KAPPA! in the name of the late grate Warwick kappa
yeeeeewww Kappaaa!

oawwwww Kappa what a grab

Kappa massive hanger!!

via giphy
by Dewy Da Cactus November 07, 2018
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