His egomaniac personality overshadows his talent as a rapper, and is slowly eating away at his career.
Did you see Kanye West at the MTV Europe awards? What an egomaniac.
by Mynameisthisrightnow November 05, 2006
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Any sane person: Do you like fishsticks?

Kanye West: Yeah of course!

Any sane person: Then you're a gay fish!

Kanye West: What the fuck did you say motherfucker?? I ain't no gay fish!
by kanyewestisabitch April 11, 2009
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an idiotic, ignorant, amazingly egotistical low class black man, who by some miracle has made millions of dollars through music even though if he was white and shared the same pro-white beliefs that he has as a black musician he would be denounced as a racist and would be a penniless pauper.

Special Note: His ego is so big it has been documented that great pains have been made to fit it all on stage during his concerts.
Kanye West: George Bush doesnt care about black people.
Sensible Person: Most Black people dont care about other black people, in fact most black people procreate out of wedlock and dont care to be around for the aftermath as in being a father.
Kanye West: Uhh,...Man Im Kanye West aint you know that.

Sensible Person: (Speechless) Yes, yes you are, my congratulations on that.

Kanye West: Sorry Taylor but Beyonce's video was the best ever.

Taylor Swift: Im only 19 and you ruined my moment in the spotlight.
(2 Sensible people watching on TV)
Person 1: Its amazing his ego was that big.
Person 2: Not really, remember the "black people" comment?
Person 1: Oh yeh right. His ego just gets bigger I guess.
Person 2: Whats really amazing is if a white musician did that to a black musician they would be run out of the business. His CD sales will probably go up.
by Skidmark McGee October 01, 2009
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An epic f*cking douche bag. Arrogant, moronic, soul crushing b*stard with awful sh*tty music.
Person 1: "Did you see Kanye West at the VMAs?"
Person 2: "Yeah he's a total douche."
by JaymesMaxwell September 15, 2009
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An overrated, hypocritical poser who complains about social issues he's never experienced, who went to college and is from the suburbs; much like the typical, mindless MTV teenage liberal who composes the the majority of his fanbase.
As a producer he's above average but is a terrible rapper. Anything he bitches about was already said by Ice Cube on Death Certificate, except that when Ice Cube spit it and Da Lench Mob produced his shit, it turned out to be one of the top 10 rap albums ever, something Kanye West could never ever accomplish even if he could live for 100 more years. Isn't fit to hold the jockstraps of real social commentary rappers, such as Public Enemy, KRS-One, Dead Prez, Mr. Lif, etc...
Kanye West making a song with Jamie Foxx about gold diggers just screams controversial, social commentary relevant to these terrible times!
by protro August 23, 2006
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Someone who thinks he/she is better than everyone else, but actually isn't.
Matt-Dude, you're late.

James-Am I? Well, you should be honored by mah lateness!

Matt-Ugh, you're such a Kanye West.
by Mattx000000r May 17, 2008
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