The defintion of K.W. is: MY FUTURE HUSBAND!!!!! For real though, I love Kanye West, cuz his raps are more than "money hoes and rims" and he moves people with his lyrics. Plus he fine as hell!!!!
my future husband, that fine boi Kanye West
by Rose C. December 08, 2004
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kanye west - "thats why i decided to run for president in 2020"
by Kayshootaa October 10, 2015
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Our only presidential hope after the recent election of Donald Trump, Kanye will make America lit again VOTE FOR KANYE 2020
Damn Kanye West is really A boss
by dictionarygi November 15, 2016
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Kanye West and his VP Elon Musk are really tearing shit up in the White House.
by Egirl Rhyann July 17, 2020
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Def 1: An overly ego person who think he or she is a che guevara or "a savior". Even though in reality they are just a gayfish.
Def 2: Someone who made a $10 shoe $600 by calling it "Nike Air Yeezy"
Ex 1: Person 1: Have you heard of Logan Paul and Jake Paul?

Person 2: Did you mean Kanye West and Kanye West?
Ex 2: Person 1: Yo look at that shoe COST $600

Person 2: Because Kanye West call that plastic shit YEEZY!!! LeBron looks so much better!!!
via giphy
by Dr. Gingerbreadkeemstar February 01, 2018
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The man whose personality is carried and displayed by his wife on her backside ..fake and a big fuckin ass
Her ass is sooooo big

Ohhh it's a Kanye West
by Hydrooxy January 23, 2017
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The sweetest rapper eva (i know hes more midwestern but wateva) hes awsome, his songs got meanin an they rock maan U ROCK KANYE,MAAN!!
chick-"u heard kanye west new song"
chick2-"chagood life?its da shiit maan"
chick-"yea "yall pop da trunk, i pop da hood"
chick-"ha ha"where we like girls who aint on tv cause they got more ass than da models"
by wadsyaname is November 19, 2007
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