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Officially coined by Twistedbabydoll: An warp on Kanye West's last name in reference to his prissy behavior, arrogant persona, indulgence in being F-A-B-U-Fab-u-lous (with finger snaps)and his behavior is similar to a diva. He is a drama queen, racially color struck (putting mixed video girls on a pedestal) and African-American stans actually believe this man is the voice of the Black people. If so, then I see why the African-American community has gone to hell. King, Malcolm X, Coretta Scott King and all of the successful, positive, educated, and wise African Americans are the voice of the people. NOT Kanye, godddamn it!
Red Carpet Reporter: And here comes Kanye West in his custom-made, hot pink Louis Vuitton blazer with matching pants.

Kanye Stan: OMG! OMG! Look at him! I wish I had his clothes! I wish I had his face! I wish I had his DNA!!!!

Me: Fuck Kanye Breast, with his prissy, princess ass.
by twistedbabydoll August 03, 2007
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