The act of banging a girl, bang bang skit skit boom boom boom. Sexing of a person. A 1-2.
I kanged a boomie last night. It was a proper kang tip styll.
by jonneyram123 June 11, 2009
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a slang term for an athletic african american; used as short for "kangaroo"
Holy shit we got our ass whooped by 30 points today by a bunch of Kangs from Brooklyn. Those guys were jumping around and grabbed every rebound!!!
by bud March 29, 2005
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A spoiled bitch who complains and makes a lot of excuses. Also one who modifies automatic transmission cars like a doosh!
Why are you being such a Kang!

Dam nigga, you such a Kang!

Don't Kang a G35!!!!!
by Modify Automatics lika Doosh August 21, 2009
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Someone who thinks they are cool when they are really stupid fags.
(kid) I am so cool
(friend) no you're not you are a Kang
(kid) I know because I am so cool
by John Carmens March 05, 2008
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a way of thinking that specifically exiles the white population, people who pay their bills and puts too much emphesis on the need for more welfare and social suppport with no implementation of WORKING FOR THE MONEY
"oh you cant afford your cigarettes? just Kang it and go on welfare."
by i pay for it February 18, 2010
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