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Kaneland High School is just your typical high school. It is literally surrounded by cornfields on every side, unless you count the huge soccer fields against it. The people who go there are simply just annoying kids. Either you've smoked yourself retarded, or you're a cocky jock who plays more than one school sport, and thinks highly of yourself. The girls are bitches, don't even bother with them. The boys are dumb asses.

Our rivals are Batavia High School, Geneva High School and DeKalb High School. We did have a pretty kickass basketball game against DeKalb this year, but we kind of lost... the ref made a terrible call against Dudz, blah blah blah. Over it.

Our cafe decided to get these scanners for our notorious school I.D.'s. It was supposed to save time, but it failed. They suck. The food is over priced and really not too good.

Kaneland, also is full of kids from numerous different small towns. There are kids who seriously ride their tractor to school on Drive your Tractor to school day. Enough said.

Everyone at Kaneland bitches about the school. They say it's too full of drama. It is, but that's what High School is.
Mother of Kaneland kid: What are you gonnah do today , Timmy ?
Timmy: I don't know Mom, probably smoke some pot. I do go to Kaneland High School.

Bitchy girl 1: Oh my Goddddd, like, this is KANELAND. Of course everyone knows my shit! God!
Bitchy girl 2: Right, Kaneland sucks. Soooo dramatic.
Normal girl: You two are fucking dumb, every school has drama.
Bitchy girl 1: Ugh, whatever, Kaneland by far is the worst.

Cocky jock: I will rock Batavia's shit this Friday! Hell yeah bitches!
Rowdie: YEAHHHH!=
by sugaasugax3 April 12, 2010
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