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A character from the flash webcomic Homestuck, whose sign was Virgo and have Jade Blood. Like Jade bloods, she is a rainbow drinker, a troll form of vampires. As a troll, you would become a rainbow drinker if someone killed you and another one friend kissed you. And you would become one after drinking their blood. She's quite a well-written character being kind to everyone and is bisexual but not after the part she kicked Gamzee, punched Vriska on the nose and slit Eridan's legs and pelvis apart after seeing Eridan killed his friends. After the fifth act, all her purpose is to take care of Rose, have a pedophilic homosexual relationship with her even they don't in the first.
Girl : Remember Kanaya Maryam?
Girl 2 : She's a badass! She rocks in all of the canon trolls and slit Eridan! And plus she's also Hussie's zodiac troll!
by CarrotsAndCucumbers March 25, 2017
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