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The Rental Skaters (brown rental skates) found at United Skates of America particularly on Saturday nights, they are extremely deadly and must be approached with caution. They will knock you down, blame it on you, and then go get their cousins nieces sister to fight you. They knock down all the trash cans, spill icees on the floor, smear every bodily fluid imaginable on the bathroom walls, and throw up westside during every song. It doesnt matter if Sean and Fred play country music, soon the sounds of "WEST WEST" will drown out all music. They also like to go in the middle of the floor and hump the ground. we call this cleaning the floor. They will fly across the flow of traffic in the opposite direction, destroying everything in their path and then act like nothing happened. If you try to eject them from the rink, they either run away and hide or try to fight chuck the cop, who is the oldest officer in the building. If you encounted one of these skaters, stay as far away as possible.
*kamikaze bobo skater flys across the floor right in front of alex*
*alex stumbles*
David: NO!!!! *grabs alex*
Alex: You just saved my life! I just had a near death experience!
by stardustalex March 25, 2007
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