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a high school in Kennewick, Wa. has a massive crack problem but still a "nice" school. the richest student body in kennewick so being there fucking sucks. hoes run rampant and walk around with empty Dutch Bros. cups.
Kamiakin High School makes me want to die, and im a freshman.
by pnwbby December 23, 2017
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Kamiakin is a ghetto school that claims to have the best education in Kennewick wa. The ghetto kids are like cockroaches that come from the trailer parks and do drugs all day. I don’t enjoy going to school with under privileged people. It smells back too and a lot of the teachers suck *cough cough* Lisa Fleming!
kamiakin high school- smelly old school with crackheads!
by Schoolsuxs2023 September 27, 2019
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