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Kamiak is a large school with two campuses, three separate buildings for; gym, swimming, and acting. It has around 20 portables, a greenhouse, a normal sized track, a base/softball field, a soccer field, a tennis court, and three parking lots.
Kamiak does have a drug problem. Every year for about two or three years now, someone going to the school has died from a drug overdose.
Last years drug of choice, besides pot, was Oxycontin. The school has also had problems with meth, heroin, etc.
It has has a few bomb threats where dogs have had to go through the school to find said bomb, only to discover said controlled substances in numerous lockers.
But even though there is a large problem with drugs at Kamiak, it should not overshadow how hard the other students work to graduate with near-perfect GPA's, and how hard, even the teachers work. One of our own even became a doctor, while working as a teacher here.
Kamiak is a huge school, so even though, what would seem like a large majority of students involved in that sort of lifestyle, is actually a quite modest percentage among all students put together.
kid1: What school do you go to?
kid2: Kamiak High School
kid1: Oh, you mean KamiCrack.
kid2: No, you stupid sack of shit, I mean Kamiak
by Lunchizzle August 19, 2009
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Just to set the record straight, a stereotype of Kamiak High School as being full of stoners and stuck-up brats, being that it is a stereotype, is grossly incorrect. Nobody would want me saying that about their school, right? Or anything else like that? Because I very well could, but I choose not to. We are better than that. While I cannot speak for all the students here, it is a FACT that this is not a stuck-up community. The fallacy in your argument is that there are well over 2000 students here. Answer me this. Are you completely sure every single one is spoiled filth. Sorry, you just really don't know what you're talking about.

Think about how much of an insult that is to the teachers who work at Kamiak. Think about how inaccurate and hurtful that is. What did the teachers do to deserve this "Burn Book" of hate. Kamiak is just a school, nothing more. Get over yourselves. People that write badly about Kamiak are people from rival schools, or those at Kamiak who have not find a niche there, which is largely his/her fault because there is a large number of clubs here.

Also, anyone writing legitimate blogs about Kamiak using incorrect and grammar as if English was their second language does not deserve to be here letting everybody know how much their English skills are lacking.
Bigotry is the ultimate epitomy of the hopelessness of man.

Kamiak High School '10
by Stan Steps March 27, 2009
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The School With an Unrelenting Focus On Learning! or in reality the girls and boys with the money will make it. the only thing that matter is where and when the party is. alot of rich stuck up Kids. Usually found waring A&Fthat mommy and daddy has paid for. Kids that go to school high and drunk to make the day "Fun". Kamaik AKA the school of the rich drug atticts!!
student askes the teacher- "where is the party"
teacher responds- "i heard it was at the Mukilteo beach this weekend"
Student responds- " No, That is where the party begins and then the real party is in One club house lane. The house with all the cars around it"
Teacher- "make sure that u park really close to the house so the cop know where the party is at"
Student- "i wont remember that im too stoned"
Teacher- "Yeah i know im the one that started the bong around"
by Snookie April 13, 2005
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Person 1: You go to Kamiak High School right?
Person 2: Yeah?
Person 1: Then you know Katie right?
Person 2: Yeah.
Person 1: What about Jake?
Person 2: Yeah.
Person 1: What about Stuart?
Person 2: Yeah.

and so on...
by Facee123abc October 06, 2008
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a school full of stuck up bitches and fuckboys who think they're better than everyone else. major drug problem (almost everyone is a druggie) and has constant suicides because nobody knows how to respect others and don't care about how any one feels about themselves.

a school where everyone thinks they have all the money in the world even the school district.
"what school has the worst environment for the kids?"
"kamiak high school for sure my guy"
by thisonegirl909 December 04, 2016
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the 5th biggest stoner school in the state of washington...the teachers r stoners too!!!
teacher: is that a 90* degree angle
class: its a 45* angle
teacher: ok we take this 90* angle here...
class: he's hopeless
by seatbelt December 18, 2004
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A really bad school. Over 80% stoners.
Random person: What school do you go to?
Me: Kamiak
Random person: wow, that sucks.
by incognito December 01, 2004
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