A cool good looking dude, he be chilling he don’t care about what people say or think about him he also good with the ladies
Girl I’m telling you, you need a Kameron”
by Joe 44 November 07, 2018
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Cameron i a gay motherfucker who fucks every person his penis is a tic tac and he likes saggy tits
by brad6969696969696969 October 01, 2018
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A Kameron is a dirty, smelly, dark, and usually a virgin coon that likes to play basketball but truly does not have the talent for it. He very often writes false descriptions about those named "Oscar" while jerking off and laughing like a wild retard.

He also has a passion for his dirty fetish of making love to goats, sheep, horses and other farm animals. (of course it is unprotectected because there is not condom in the world that could fit is tiny penis.)
Kameron is doing that goat again, time to get the belt.
by kameron is a dumb mutt December 15, 2010
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kameron is a funny nice cute boy and often turns his back on you. kameron can often be a scrub and a fake and likes girls only with gold honeral. kameron is often only friends with his homies. he will like by the outside and your wellings not your inner beauty or your funny personality. often girls fall for him and end up getting crushed. like me. i waste my times on kameron.
kameron only likes nyla and never mover on. (honorol assembly) NYLA NOEL has Gold honoral. -kameron thats my girl.
by jj_gymnast08 May 03, 2018
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1. An evil laugh, one typically found when confronted by an evil peadophile. (Noun)

2. A way to describe a happy drunk that commits an act of verbal abuse. (Adj.)

3. Derogatory term to call someone lazy. (Noun)
Did you just hear her laugh?
I know that was such a Kameron!

You should have seen him yesterday, he was being soo Kameron.

Wtf is wrong with you, you're being such a Kameron!
by 8984 September 07, 2008
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Kameron is a very unique person. He plays a role of the outgoing guy at school but rarely hangs with people outside that. He is underrated when it comes to relationships, he has the qualities you want in a guy but you wouldn’t know because of much of a jokester he is
I thought you were a asshole but you’re just a Kameron
by ____weirdminecraft December 16, 2019
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