a term for money, particularly bills. The green, leafy qualities of a bill are reminiscent of this nutrient-rich vegetable.
yo, can you spot me some kale for this sweet flask? I'll pay you back tomorrow.
by Gretta D April 23, 2006
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A crappy vegetable that all the hipsters are now eating and giggling about. Also popular among the vegan crowd who enjoy depriving themselves of delicious foods. The leaf-like trash tastes like crap and runs through you like shit in a goose. You may have seen the Panera ads that are all the rave where people are eating the garbage as if they've been in the woods for three weeks without a morsel of food to eat which is probably true, it's the only way anyone would eat that trash is if they were starving.
After the stocking-cap festooned hipster ate his trendy kale salad he ran to the bathroom but crapped in his Old Navy khakis before he could get a seat on the pot.
by Go screw yourself July 16, 2015
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a phrase used by gen z to describe almost any situation. It could be used when something really good happens or when something goes awfully.
damn, you really kaled it with that test!
by carla davis April 25, 2021
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a fat stupid wigger who eats all tylers food after school every day and wears his hat like a jackass.he also goes to the horse stable every day and eats horse shit
me:"hey kale,why dont you go eat all tylers food?"
kale:"i filled up on horse shit already"
by tommy wilson February 13, 2004
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A annoying bitchy girl with a big mouth and an even bigger ass.
Kalee is such a nuisance
by Chase :] February 28, 2007
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