Kale (verb) to kale, to be kaled.

To kale - to attack someone with, or be attacked with kale.
Did you hear about that guy who got kaled last night?
by Suzie6toes June 12, 2019
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Not a hipster cabbage. Just a hip couple! They are so cute and sweet and the cutest!
OMG look it's Kale they are so cute!

Kale is my favourite ship
by Invisible.strudel November 12, 2019
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A pretty cool cat that likes to wear a hat. Doesn't really get mad for the wrong fad. When she sleeps she doesn't make a peep. Quiet as a fox she hides in a box. I think you're awesome like a blossom. If I sang you a lullaby would you be my valentine?
Kale likes to dance in advance.
by knittingkritters February 13, 2014
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Destined to become the most athletic football player to go to Horatio high school. He is very loyal to his friends and the ones he loves.
“Kale is really fine” -Sheala
by EmmaRay69420 December 08, 2019
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