open minded guy that thinks outside the box, knows how to keep a conversation going, can sometimes be truthful but over all has a big heart. a great friend to those around him! always good vibes also supper goofy
hey there goes kaled!” “yeah he’s a cool person!”
by good talk September 20, 2021
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Two people who are too shy to talk but secretly have a huge crush that will blossom there freashman year,
by Osup April 27, 2012
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A girl who likes to make Gacha videos and has a lot of friends and is naturally kind. But doesn’t have a stable posting schedule. 😡
Kalee Gacha rarely posts
by Kalee Gacha September 17, 2019
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The health craze that put kale on the pedestal of ultimate smart foods.
I was never really into the kale hail phase.
by Ereck Flowers May 03, 2019
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A phrase used to trick someone into saying “kill jews” in a similar manner as something such as “Nick Gurrs”
Did you hear? I tricked that OddKast moron yesterday into saying kill Jews by following him with my account named “Kale Juice”
by returnoftheaxis October 01, 2021
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U.S. History. a secret hate group in the southern U.S., active for several years after the Civil War, which aimed to suppress the newly acquired rights of people that eat animals and to oppose carnivores from the North, and which was responsible for many lawless and violent proceedings.

2. a term for a person that is militant and/or a bigot about their veganism / vegetarianism
1. "have you ever met Cyndi Cornstock before?"

"well she just joined the kale klux klan and quit talking to me because i like bacon."
by Scott Mortion November 02, 2017
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