'Kakao' is the definition of the awesomeness you get when you drink hot choclate in Scandinavia. Some people may refer to 'Kakao' as 'Awesomesauce' because it's that awesome feeling
"Hey Joe? Wan't some hot choclate?"
"Yeah, sure!"
"Here ya go, bud."
*Joe takes a sip*
Joe & Jim x2 = "Fukyea" *Gives bro-fist*
by Andy the Raid January 7, 2012
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Kakao Privilege is a myth created by HYBE fans to undermine the hardwork and achievement of groups debuting under middle grade korean entertainment companies which shares are bought by Kakao Entertainment
IVE is succesful because of Kakao Privilege
by Ella Marie Jansen January 28, 2023
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