A boy with the name "Kairi" is short, adorable and hot...but is also a cunt.
Person1: Kairi is hot but adorable at the same time

Person2: yeah but he's also a cunt
by Tiktoks March 11, 2020
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If you know a Kairi, you know an absoloute AMAZING person. He is very creative and has so much artistic talent, along with the absoloute PERFECT sense of humor that fits everybody. But most importantly, they are just so, SO sweet and caring and so loveable. You can't know a Kairi that DOSEN'T care for everybody that he encounters. Of course, you can't mention a Kairi without mentioning how wholesome and absoloutely lovely they are. Just being in a 100 mile radius of one can put you in a good mood. Not to mention that every Kairi is super handsome. Their vibes and energy is just so amazing that you could just talk to one all day.
guy 1: dude, i absoloutely adore that guy so much,,,,

guy 2: yeah, hes GOT to be a kairi
by liammanboyboyman November 15, 2020
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