Kairi is a very fun girl to be around. She is intelligent, witty, and protective over people she cares about. She has been hurt in various ways. But has always found ways to get through them. She is sensitive to things she cares about, and won't let you break her if you try. She will look for the best in you if you let her, and will never intentionally hurt you. She is strong, smart, courageous, and beautiful. If you know a Kairi, you are very lucky to have her in your life.
by Ffgghhikk09876 November 11, 2019
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a tiktoker that we all must protect. A 5'4 guy with a 6'1 energy. Respectful. Mama's boy. Cute. Funny. Amazing. We all have a soft spot for kairi

ps: Pray for his growth
person 1: hey what are you thinking about?
person 2: oh, just thinking about how wonderful kairi actually is
by noiamnotokay December 26, 2019
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A tiktoker who is extremely beautiful and Olaf sized.
Lizzy: “You guys need to stop talking or I’ll pull a Joe on you”
Zoë: “And that’s on Kairi”
by andthatsonkairi January 09, 2020
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The cutest man alive and a Lindsay will take him asf 😍
by M.xttia November 12, 2019
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Kairi is funny, smart, and wonderful to be around. Kairi is a fangirl and loves StarWars. Although sometimes she can be a little selfish, she means well. Kairi seems to be happy all the time, but inside she is sad sometimes. If you know a Kairi, be her friend and never let her go. I promise, it's worth it.
Jayden: Who's that?
Mai: Oh, that's Kairi! We should go say hi
by Vanilla.Latte40 October 22, 2020
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Kairi has the fastest juiciest booty you’ll ever see
Have you seen kairi she has a nice ass
by Its just fax’s April 11, 2020
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well if your friends with this girl, i feel terrible for you!! I rather have a rat suck on my toes then this Lesbian loser
You need to get her out of your life real quick! RUN FOR THE HILLS! She is nothing but a toxic bitch! and its the truth.
If u ever see her RUN for your motherfucking life.
Hide your panties, she will snatch those up to! She just loves to wear and smell other peoples undies its just sooo disgusting.
eww is that a kairi! Run!!

She once licked my undies! ahhhh!!!
via giphy
by heytheremamma May 27, 2020
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