Some cool-ass, partisan-wielding mofo from Final Fantasy 4. He be bad.
That dude in FF4, Kain, was coo.
by Bradford Allen Smith August 17, 2003
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Kain fuery.
A character from full metal alchemist that is a Sargent and does radio signals.
Kain Fuery, that Sargent, is such a minor character.
by Zacktehdinosaur May 29, 2011
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a sweet caring guy with a big heart. cares about everyone and always knows how to make someone smile. funniest dude you’ll ever meet in your life. he isn’t really in to love but sometimes doesn’t understand how much people love him. the girls love him he’s such a stud. those deep blue eyes and that adorable smile of his. He is usually attracted to girls who’s names start with A,K, or L his future girlfriend will be and aries for sure
damn look at him he’s daddyish he must be a kain
by qxeeen October 25, 2017
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Kain means it hurts
*walks into lampost*
"arh! shit that kained!"
by rainbow nugget October 23, 2012
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Used in the North-East of Scotland. Means to know something or to simply mean "I know"
Jock: "Here you kain that boy fae buckie with the gap tooth?"

Jimmy: "Aye, how?"

Jock: "He's a right arsehole eh?

Jimmy: "Kain"
by Naebody November 29, 2013
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Kain is a kid who is loyal and cares about a lot of people but most of the time he has a big penis For his age that Kain is at Kain is also a Greece name for warrior or a farmer and has some friends but does suffer from depression and anxious and scared and anxiety and if tall
Kain is a cool and tall dude
by Jordan Robert May 30, 2018
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