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A beautiful, tender soul. She has experienced a lot in her life, and tends to push people away. She has a very high wall built up, but once you break down her wall she is the most caring and amazing person.

Kailie is the best girlfriend you could possibly have. She will spoil you with love and gifts. You will never feel unwanted or question her intentions. She’s an amazing kisser and in bed. You won’t regret making her a part of you life.

She was born strong and a fighter. So don’t make her mad. Kailie isn’t very forgiving. She requires a lot of love and attention.

Kailie is incredibly beautiful, talented, and smart. She’s impossible to beat. Once you fall in love with her, you won’t be able to forget her. You’ll be stuck on her forever.
Guy 1: oh my god, that girl is beautiful.

Guy 2: yeah! That’s Kailie Sasada!!
by CockyGreatDane July 09, 2018
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