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The premise of the book is this poor ass African nigger grows up in a cardboard box (30% cardboard derivatives) one day he sees a murder, his home gets invaded because his parents don't have the right paperwork, he pisses himself many times, goes to this lame ghetto school in the middle of Alexandria and then he joins a gang for a bit, does some ...homo things for money, gets out of the gang, starts keepin it real and then plays tennis.
shitty book.
Man, look at all those poor-ass niggers on TV!

Dude, they are fucking kaffirs not niggers...niggers don't live in such nice places.

Oh right!! I remember reading this book called Kaffir Boy in high school. Dude, I'd never suck a dudes dick for food. Never.
by BroFactual September 06, 2010
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