Is an iconic queen. She loves to throw hydroflasks at peoples foreheads and sksksksk about it. She saves tortoises by throwing them in water #hero She is thicccccer than a chevy and heavy like a snicker. She is bomb.com SLAY YOU ICONIC QUEEN
Kacie said "and I oop- sksksksksksksksk"
Kacie laughs a lot.
Kacie scares turtles, but saves tortoises.
Kacie is an iconic icon.
Kacie laughs when I *snort* *snort*.
by absolute icon November 08, 2019
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Kacie is another word for a dirty tramp that has nothing better to do with her life than still peoples boyfriends
Ewww did you hear about that girl who tried getting with tommy?
Yeah that’s kacie the skank
by suckyourmumlol December 22, 2020
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A girl who talks to every boy in your school. She also talks to boys that are taken. Basically she thinks that she’s better then everyone.
Girl 1:how many relationships has kacie had ?
Girl 2: I don’t know,how many guys are in the world?
by Can you just not July 01, 2019
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