a girl with huge lips full of collagen, word on the street is she's only good at 4 things...
1) kissing
2) poster board presentations
3) sudoku
4) solitare
"dammn look at those lips on kacie, wonder how much a pair of those would set me back"
by gammer December 03, 2008
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If you ever meet a kacie you know that this girl is by far the most beautiful girl in the world. A Kacie will genuinely think she is ugly even though she is not. She attracts all men and girls will hate her for it. She is weird but it makes her adorable, A Kacie is also one of the best people to sleep with. A Kacie is an amazing kisser but doesn't even know. Kacies are usually very gullible and dumb at times. Even if they are smart.
Guy: I think im in love with Kacie
Other Guy: No im in love with Kacie
Another Guy: Well i slept with her!
by Ashley_White October 15, 2019
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A girl who is awesome tbh she’s a bitch but has a good heart she is good at blow jobs but she’s better at doggie. She has dark hair great ass but no tits. She’s loyal and her ass taste nice 😉
Guy 1-oh dude Alanises ass is so fine to tap that

Guy2-yea but she has nothing on Kacie (except her boobs)
via giphy
by I vuvvtuvtuvtuf March 05, 2018
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An annoying toxic girl who everyone hates because she only cares about herself
Person 1 - I spent months talking to Kacie and then she cut me off 😕
Person 2 - She’s not worth it, she’s toxic and annoying.
by Bruhboy12 May 05, 2020
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Brad: "She kinda looks like Bella Thorne, but she probably isn't as famous."

Chad: "Yep, looks like a Kacie to me. "
by Basically God May 29, 2019
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Kacie is useally the top shagger of the group and has hooked up with loads of people because they are a top shagger
Dam kacie hooked up with Dave last night
by BigJohn03 November 03, 2019
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