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Acronym for "King of the Idiots". This is a guy who is an idiot, but is the smartest of his idiot friends. So he thinks he is a genius and superior. KOTI's are cruel to their "subjects" and belittle them at every opportunity.
See those idiots over there trying to get their truck out of the ditch? The fat, smelly, toothless one, with his hands in his pockets and yelling, is the KOTI.
by Jeffrey Allen West January 20, 2006
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Douchebag stoner

Any kid at school whos smokes weed, and tells everyone about it like its some kind of achievement.

Not only will he tell everyone about it, he'll smoke weed at lunch/break and show up to class stoned, then will tell everybody how he just hit the bong before World History class.

Its only a matter of time before he gets caught, by either the teacher; the preps, nerds, or even the other stoners snitch on him. (For being such a poser)
Koti: "Duuuuuuude im so high righhhhht nowwww."

James: "Haha dude, im telling on you."

Koti: "No! Pleas no! I cant get caught again!"

James: "Chill dude i was just kidding....but try and hold of on the bong hits before Bible class okay?"
by dats2dope January 06, 2010
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Utter nonsense, useless,downright crap, not at all to the point
dont bore us with koti talks.
that was a real koti movie!!!
by Ueki_nigga April 02, 2008
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