A steet gang centered in Berkeley,Ca. Known in 2009 to be responsible for several robberies in downtown Berkeley. The gang Consists of mostly Christians yet there is one Jew. They can be identified by their batman backpacks with KFC written in white out.
KFC is running the streets right now, they have the mayor of Berkeley in the palm of their hands.
by Dougie429 April 16, 2009
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KFC is a fast-food chain. Strangely, they are more popular in countries all over the world than America. In London, there are over 38 KFC's. Yet, Kentucky is mentioned. So they think that Kentucky is comprised of Fried Chicken. When the fact of the matter is, no one actually likes it in America.
Excuse me mate, want to hit up KFC's for some grub?

Why, I do believe dear, KFC's and tea shall be fine tonight.

Je voudrais KFC pour ma famille.

OMPA! KFC! Arreverderci.

KFC? That's one f**ed up motha f**cker.

Honestly, I hate KFC.
by Newyorkladii July 25, 2006
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Slang word for a vagina. Derived from the salty smell and taste which the female's body part and the American fast food chain share. "Tastes just like KFC"
Guy 1: "I was talking about how I wanted some KFC. Next thing I know she has her pants around her ankles and tells me to take a lick."

Guy 2: "Uh dude that's nasty! Didn't she know you wanted some fried chicken?!"

Guy 1: "No she thought I wanted to eat her out. I was confused at first, but then I realized that it tastes the same; just not as filling."
by PunkMasterGFunk December 08, 2010
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A short form of 'ker-fuckin'-ching', the sound a cash register makes and used when somebody tells you about their good fortune with money.

Derived, of course, from the fast food chain which, as well as the usual expressions, can be referred to as Kolonel's Fucking Crap.
Bloke 1: "Mate, I just got 3 grand back on my tax refund."
Bloke 2: "KFC!"
Bloke 1: "What?"
Bloke 2: "Ker-fuckin'-CHING!'
by Choda Boy 57 May 16, 2008
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Sexual foreplay with a girl not for gays
Enjoyed a lot by girls. when finished with the breasts and thighs, you have a bone to stick in the greasy box.
by Jack Mearse July 23, 2005
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I got KFC once and I swear to god the chips had so much fat in them i saw a bubble rise from the bottom of one to the top. It WILL kill you.
by gordon shumway June 03, 2005
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Mathematically, this is incorrect.
But for the sake of humor and for you 8th graders:

KFC is one letter away from FUCK. All it's missing is U! - comedy fest 2005
by tourettesGUY June 02, 2006
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