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To scare someone by screaming loudly and jumping at them. Originating from the commercials that promote the product of the same name.
My brother tries to k-fee every time I watch k-fee screamers. I guess I would call it a double k-fee.
by Justicewithtacosandweed December 16, 2019
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A type of beverage sold by k-fee AG, a company in Berlin, Germany, but also by k-fee US inc. in Florida. It is sold as an energy drink, as gum, and also a type of latte. The most surprising thing is the commercials, which contain screamers. It shows a random video, until either a gargoyle or a zombie pops up at the end and screams. The most famous one is the "k-fee auto", which shows a white car driving down a grassy valley with relaxing music playing, until the car dissapears behind a tree and the zombie pops up and screams, followed by the slogan, "So wach warst du noch nie." (Translated: "You've never been so awake")
What is up with the commercials for this drink called "k-fee"?! They scared the hell out of me! Especially the one with the car!
by Fire_Starter April 13, 2008
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An energy drink from Germany. It's best known for its scary commercials that make you think they're going to be peaceful before a gory zombie or gargoyle pops up. The lite version has 3 parodies of these commercials.
I've never actually tried Kfee but those commercials are damn scary!
by BassGuitar546 August 07, 2011
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An old series of coffee flavored energy drink commercials featuring, “screamers”, which show a relaxing scene that gets abruptly interrupted by a zombie or a gargoyle while screaming, which could potentially scare the viewer. This concept is to demonstrate the effects of their products.

In 2019, the ads brought back by a YouTube user named Finder Lurker. But unlike the original commercials, which had zombies and gargoyles as the creatures jumping up, the creature that pops up is now a demonic ghost-like trans woman. These “modern” advertisements have not been proven to be official and still remain a mystery among fans of the ads.
Person 1: Have you seen the new K-fee ads?

Person 2: Yeah, they’re scary! I couldn’t sleep for a whole week!
by Justicewithtacosandweed December 14, 2019
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The German Coffee drink that boosts your day! :D

also advertised with Scary commercials!
"Ha Ha I scared the crap outta him with that K-Fee Commercial"
by K-fee zombie Guy July 17, 2007
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