K-Town is a nickname for an area of a series of Chicago streets whose names begin with the letter K.
"We're rollin through K town."
(Kilbourn, Kildare, Karlov, etc.)
by Lowrider September 5, 2005
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Premium marijuana from Kansas City, Missouri. Most commonly referred to as K-Town bud. The rapper TechN9ne references it in several of his songs.
I'm not in the mood for reggie, man. Let's get some of that K Town and get fucked up tonight.
by Grantham March 26, 2008
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Korea Town.
Term commonly used in many metropolitan cities.
"Where did you get that cheap ass shit?"
"Fucking K town man."
by AA Factory June 27, 2005
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A common nickname for any city whose name begins with a "k".
I'm reppin' K town oldshool.
by Vernon Shaw February 9, 2007
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The nickname for possibly the coolest town ever. Kailua, Hawaii. Commonly used by very cool people. Often used in conjuction with a form of the slang verb: to cruise.
Ho. Like go cruise k town?
by Evan Weber and Taylor Caster October 28, 2006
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Brandon the "jaded" junglist says "K-town is the dopest plcae on earth, yo!"
by Fylan August 18, 2005
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