A strange and intriguing species, tends to lurk near Wenzils, approach with caution and feed skittles if comes too close. Says the word “bro” a minimum of 600 times a day and due to extensive research we are convinced Joel is an artificial intelligence developed by Ubisoft. Joel will only discuss weed and is rather mentally challenged, he will try to put you in his k hole so please be be careful around this dangerous animal. Warning, although he smokes weed he cannot roll, light or even put out a zoot, and for some reason Ubisoft messed up their character design and gave him a diagonal chin, Joel has the fantastic ability to annoy anyone simply by existing, Joel can kill atmosphere just by walking past a party or sesh and is extremely intimidated by women, he also has a wank a minimum of twice a day, be careful out there and watch out for K hole Joel..
You heard about k hole Joel? Yeah wasn’t he the one infecting panini’s in Wenzils with his cum?

Fuck sake, K hole Joel ate all the skittles smh

K hole Joel? Ohhh isn’t he the one who gets high on 0.5grams and can’t roll?

K hole Joel?? Ohhh the one who has a wank twice a day?
by Jamol tech tips December 24, 2022