He is the type of friend that is annoying all the time. Justin is also known as a couch potato, duchebag and retarded which is all true. He is sometimes nice. And is trash at all Sports.
O have you seen Justin He is so trashes at football....
O have you seen Justin with his ugly Buck teeth...
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by JAMESCHARLESMOM!! July 11, 2020
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A faggot with a tiny dick ,who rubs his dick in front of boys and is considered an asshole by all his friends
See that a justin
by Nightwalker007 May 28, 2020
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A name that describes someone who’s into taboo things under the sheets
Person 1: You know what? I think lactating breasts taking back the means of production are hawt
Person 2: gosh you’re such a Justin hehe
by Dandongding May 01, 2020
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Justins are probably the most shitty and funny people ever. They hit on every hot girl they see and are most of the time either short or really tall. Most likely to break your heart. Will treat you well and loves hugs and cuddles.
Girl: Wow, who is that?
Girl #2: omg thats Justin! He’s the guy that likes half of the girls!
by cauliflowers November 25, 2019
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