Slang for the words Crazy, horny, psychotic, etc.
I'm not even kidding! Some Justin Bieber fans dry humped and MADE OUT with the ground he walked on, fed a POSTER of him, HAD SEX with a poster of him, kissed and GAVE HEAD to a cardboard cut out of him, and people even tweeted sexually explicit things to him on twitter, and one fan put a pic of him on a blow-up doll and had sex with it. One girl cut of someone's hair because they called him gay , one girl CARVED HIS NAME in her arm, one fan asked Santa for Justin Bieber's cum for Christmas. Not to mention the retarded "cut for bieber" on social media. Wtf.

That isn't even a exaggeration of a Justin Bieber fan. If you see one on public, make sure you have pepper spray on you, if not, RUN
by a fallen star xxx January 18, 2019
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A person who is obsessed with a young person named Justin Bieber. This type of fan will love anything that sounds high-pitched that comes out of a young teenage girl. Most of the time, they are fat and ugly and would jump off The Empire State building if Bieber said jump. These fans commonly associate with fans of the same species. Some of the fans they associate with include: the Jonas Brothers, Katy Perry, Hannah Montana, and Big Time Rush fans. WARNING: If you are to see one in public, DO NOT APPROACH.
So yeah and we starte/...Fuck.


Justin Bieber fan.

Fuck. I got pepper spray.

Do it.
by Empire Ants February 12, 2011
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the worst fan base currently known to man-kind. loved by girls aged 14 and under. any lovers above this age group should be prosecuted. may also have the odd "homosexual" in with his fans.
guy 1: "check out those losers over there"

girl 1: "they must be justin bieber fans"
by iknowrealmusic July 17, 2011
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Usually overweight teenage girls who have never had a boyfriend, or any male attention for that matter, who finger themselves at night while listening to "Lonely Girl" imagining what it would be like to rub vaginas with Justin Bieber.
Justin Bieber Fans=Pre Pubescent Grenades and Gay Little Boys.
by OG187Killa October 26, 2010
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A person who does not know what real music tastes like.
There's a number of people who clicked "Dislike" on the Beatle's "Let It Be" video on Youtube. Those people are Justin Bieber Fans.

A person whose iPod is full of Bieber's songs is a Justin Bieber fan, and yes, he/she does not know what real music tastes like.
by King Kong 129 July 25, 2010
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We're all very proud of you. AND. We're all very impressed. Now shush.
Dear Justin Bieber Fans,

We're all very proud of you. AND. We're all very impressed. Now shush.

Sincerely, Everyone Else.
by Every1Else August 30, 2010
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When a group or a single person tricks the stupid ass admins of a belieber facebook fan page into letting them become admin. They then delete the other admins and often turn it into different themes such as MLP:FIM, Spiderman, Slenderman, or anything against justin beiber faggot. Biebfags tend to RAGE when their facebook page is taken from them.
You:Can I please be an admin on the page? I am really good at imagines, I will do s4s and will stay active for as long as possible! I can help the page out as much as possible!
Them: Sure!
You: *Deletes everyone else and commits Justin Bieber Fan Page Hijacking*
by im-not-a-tripfag July 20, 2011
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