Great movie. Its about these people that cant FUCKING GET A SINGLE FUCKING DINOSAUR DONE ACCURATE.
Welcome to Jurassic Park. We have fucked up Pop Culture
by GitGudBilly June 13, 2017
A novel written by Michael Chrichton in 1990, later adapted into a movie in 1993 by Steven spielberg. In the book(and movie) the park is called “Jurassic park” because it has dinosaurs and “Jurassic” Is one of the 3 dinosaur periods of time. However most famous dinosaurs in it don’t come from the “Jurassic period”.
“Jurassic park is my favorite novel!”
by A person who likes explaining December 30, 2022
A code word used by a male specimen to indicate that he in fact has an erection.
Girl: What is that bulge coming from your pants?

by Shape Expert July 6, 2017